Amazing website design Tips

Technological advancement is experienced worldwide very fastly. It is very difficult for peoples to get their presence online for enough time. If we see in the market then numbers of entrepreneurs want to show and sell their products and services online. Website design is the main part website development and online marketing. Some tips are below for your help to get a a best and professional website design company in Dubai.

Minimum file size

It should be not hard to choose a web design for your website when you know about your audience and how long you stick them on your site. Major part of the website is site uploading time, every professional website designer know how minimum file size which they used for website design. If your website loading time is more than the actual loading time then it produce very alarming situation for your online business. So keep in mind always used minimum file size for your website.
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Avoid using flash for SEO Friendly website

Search engine optimization is the key to boost your online business. I you have ecommerce business or you are services providing then always select the web design which is SEO Friendly. SEO friendly site are Flash free sites. Flash increase loading time of your website, which is un-bear able for visitors. As a result a potential visitor leaves the site without any activity and you lose business. That’s why Flash is not SEO Friendly and professional web designers not used flash tags in the design code.       

Right Page size

Page size is another major part of website design. Every astute web design individual or firm have an idea of implication the right page size. If you are web designer or client you must know about authentic valid page size. Always keep ideal page size near about 30kb because Big page size slow down the website response time and which fed-up user. 

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Use compressed images and graphic

Graphic and images increase the page size and slow down the website response time. Always use compress relevant images and graphics of your website. Web design Expert will take care of this aspect of site because he know by this activity he could minimize the page response time which could give best user experience and user came again and again. This is the winning point in all above points.   

Use Social Icons

Social Networking is the best practices now days to increase your business and worth of any site. Used social icons with great design which linked with business pages of different social networking sites. This is a positive activity to increase business and for a great look of website.