Optical Fiber standard Guide 2015

In the telecommunications, the Optical Fibers are Strands of flexible glass that can transit digital signals in the form of light. An Optical Fiber cable is the cable that can be formed when the fibers were arranged in bundles. There are two main types of Optical Fiber Cabling which is most commonly used and these types are Single Mode Cables and Multiple Mode Cables. The multi-mode cables are used for the light emitting diodes and the single mode diodes use the laser lights that can transmit signals. Optical Fiber cabling is the use of telecommunications and it has so many uses. It is useful in the medical imaging, internet signal, in the television and many more. When we can compare the optical fiber cabling with the conventional metal or copper wire then the optical fibers are: -

 fiber optic cabling

1. Less Expansive: then the equivalent length of copper cable, several miles of optic cables are less expansive.  

2. As compare to the copper wires, the fiber optical cabling is thinner and can carry the higher capacity than the copper wire. Optical fiber cabling can allows a huge amount of information to be transmitted from one point to the other point. In communication, to go over the same cables or channels it will allow more channels for phone.

3.   As compare with the copper wires they are thinner and can be easily drawn to the smaller diameters.

4. Optical Fiber Cabling are less bulky, lighter and flexible. They can easily fit in the smaller places and crowded places because of its lighter and less bulkiness. The flexible manner of optical fiber cabling allows easy transporting and move through every corner easily.

5.It has the less signal degradation which means the loss of signal in the optical fiber cabling is less as compare to the copper wires.

6.In the same cable, the lighter signals from one fiber cannot interfere with the other fibers unlike the light signals from the copper wires.

7. Because the signals in optical fibers degrade less so there is the less power consumption in them. It does not also require the high level voltage electrical transmitters.

8.In the computer or internet networks, the optical fiber cabling is suited to carrying digital information.

9.One of the best qualities of the Optical Fiber Cabling is that it is inflammable. In using the optical fibers there is no fire hazard and there is also no electricity that can pass through.

10.Optical fiber cables can take less space in the ground and are lightweight.

11.Optical Fiber Cabling is very useful in the mechanical and medical imaging.

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