How to make Mobile responsive Websites?

In our previous post vital guide how to use Bootstrap ? We describe the main features of the bootstrap why we use bootstrap for our website designing. Now we in this post we will teach you how it work. Two main ways by which you can download Bootstrap. There are two main versions of Bootstrap which are very useful and famous, one is compiled version and second is source code version. Both versions have many features and Website designer use both versions according to their needs. Compiled version is ready to use version which is ready to drop in the web design projects and it includes compiled files of CSS and JS. These versions are available in the form of bootstrap themes.

 responsive web design in dubai

Source Code the other version of Bootstrap includes pre compiled CSS and JS with Font assets. Other features of Source code Version are JavaScript, Less and documentation. Basically we can say it complete version of Bootstrap it is bit difficult to use than pre compiled version. You can found many Bootstrap versions which convert from Less to Sass-only projects. But main thing is that which versions you want to install because it’s up to your capability and skills, then first task you have to do is installing Grunt which is a complete bootstrap Build system for uses. You must need to install Node.js file before installing Grunts because with node.js files you have variety of Grunts commands on your fingertips. Then you are able to start out a Bootstrap HTML template.      

If You Don't want responsive bootstrap?

Everyone knows bootstrap is used to make responsive and mobile first web designs layouts. But rare peoples knew that they could develop non responsive web designs also with Bootstrap. Now we told you how you make a website non responsive which is also built in Bootstrap. All you need to do to disable it is omit the viewport meta tag in the CSS, override the width on the containers for each grid tier, remove any collapsing and expanding behavior on your navbars, and make some adjustments to the grid layouts if you’re using them
Extensions for Bootstrap
No doubt Bootstrap has lot of great built in features and we also extend its feature further more according to our user needs. Fuel Ux is name of additional java scripts codes and controls which we used to make our web app design with full of functionality responsive view. Dozens of controls are available here you want to deploy in your web app. 


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