Vital Guide how to use Bootstrap?

What is Bootstrap?

In web designing world the latest trends for website is responsive view of the websites. Now a day’s Mobile phone and tablets are commonly used and 60 to 70% peoples used internet on mobiles and tablets, understating the need of the technology and customers Twitter experts introduce new type of Css name as “Bootstrap”. Bootstrap is the combination of html, Css and java script. It is a complete framework to build powerful custom and template web design which are mobile responsive and tablets responsive and there size automatically adjust on all size of screen. It provides number of features and advantages for web designers and customers when someone starts from the scratch level and even very helpful other frameworks for web designing.

how to use bootstrap

 As we define above the founder of the Bootstrap is Twitter developers and designers and first apply on Twitter site. In early days it’s known as Twitter Blueprint before releasing its open-source. Now a day it becomes the most popular and powerful front-end frame work of the world. If you are unaware by Bootstrap functionality then here are some information and resources where you got complete knowledge about bootstrap and how to use it and its benefits.  

 Why I use Bootstrap?
First question come in your mind that why I use bootstrap for my web design project? Here are many reasons for that Bootstrap framework is best for your website development project. The main and biggest reason to using a bootstrap is numbers resource availability for it.
Given below are some resources that’s why Bootstrap is perfect for Web Designing and development.
1.     Easy to use: Starting a web design by bootstrap is pretty easy and quick process. You can
use it with Css or Less even with Sass if you have Sass Version because it is very flexible.

2.     Use Grids: 12 column responsive grids used by Bootstrap and also support offset and
nested elements. You can make grid grids responsive or can change it easily into fixed layout.

3.     Ready to use components: Many ready to use components and resources are available of Bootstrap which could easily embed and speedily done your development.

4.     Base Style: Lot of HTML tags with Bootstrap base style you can use easily .The styles of form, typography, images and many more things include in it.  

5.     Pre style Component: of Nav bars, dropdown lists, alerts and much more also come with it.
6.     Collection of JavaScript components: Bundles of Java scripts components are comes   with Bootstrap to increase its functionality. That will be very helpful to work with tool tips, model windows, and much more. You can also eliminate writing scripts by it.

7.     Awesome Documentation: The documentation of the Bootstrap is very easy which is easy to understand for advances user as well as beginners, who is new to use it  

8.     Integration Method: you can integrate bootstrap with a lot of other frameworks for new and as well as existing once. Furthermore you can just use specific number of elements of bootstrap along with your current Css.  
    If you learn main difference with complete detail about Custom Vs Template Website Design

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