Email Marketing killer Mistakes

 email-marketing-in-dubaiThere is endless list of right and wrong things in Email Marketing but here i notify some killer mistake which mostly peoples repeat that are absolutely harmful for email marketing when you comes to promoting your extraordinary event or your product promotion. Lot of attention and concentration required while you are running email campaign to done it in proper and regular manner. Your main focus will be to get possible mail opened results by your valuable campaign to avoiding possible errors during email marketing. Let’s checked some common mistakes we must avoid.

Avoid to Spamming:

Now a days spamming is big black hole for internet marketing worlds. Thats why if you not make sure about your email that it follow or not guide line of Spam blocker than your product, event, or promotion must go to trash folder. These are things which count as spam such as,

Wrong subject line ( Eye Catchy Email Subject line )

  • Select too much names in CC
  • Bulky Attachments

  • Must check above matters before sending emails and make sure your subject line is unique and eye catchy. Always go with text based emails and avoiding bulk attachments.


    Avoiding by too much content:

    Many email marketing campaigns consist of bulky content in the text area of the email. It conducts failure of the Email Marketing promotion. Keep in mind always use short but descriptive content in the text area of the mail. Keep away to use long sentence ,hard-to-read language and use link that drives to your product, event, or services landing page.

    Mobile Optimized Emails:

    Mobile users are growing day by day and mobile companies facilitate their customers by many outstanding features. Mostly peoples send, receive their business Email by their smartphones. That’s a big point for email marketers keep in mind all aspects of technology using their customers for receiving emails, make sure your emails template is mobile responsive or not if not than make it possible for getting huge open rates of email campaign .